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Key takeaways
  • The onboarding should take more aspects into consideration when hiring and international employee.
    The focus on relationship building and creation of belonging during the onboarding and he employee’s first months are important.
  • Culture teaches us how to see the world!
    It is our autopilot and makes us perceive certain behaviors, attitudes, actions, etc. as ”normal”. This is very individual, therefore I have to know what my values, beliefs, etc. are.
  • For mutual understanding it’s crucial to know what is ”normal” to the other person (team members, coworkers, etc.) through conversation about their values, beliefs, etc. Only then we can define fruitful working-together for the future.
  • Leadership style is context dependent and needs to be adjusted to the employees, once their preferences are identified.

Item recap

Olet nyt varjossa STAGING ("multisite-korjaus"). Poistu